What is Employee-Generated Content?

What is Employee-Generated Content?

Employee generated content(EGC) can be photos, videos or blogs created by your staff to promote your company. No one knows your product better than your staff so it makes perfect sense that they would be the people creating the content that you use to promote it. Employee generated content can not only have a big impact on how your customer views your business but it can also have a hugely positive impact on company culture.

Here are just a few reasons as to why you should be encouraging your staff to become content creators.

Content Creation(Obviously)

It’s easy to set up your companies social media accounts but it’s extremely difficult to consistently fill them with content that your customers can relate to. By encouraging your staff to become content creators they can provide you with a regular flow of content that has your brand value at its core. Your staff are the people who are closest to your customers so they know how your customers are using your product. They know what your customers need.

Brand Storytellers

Every year companies pay huge sums of money to marketing executives to tell the story of their brand. What they don’t realise is that they have a team of brand storytellers right under their noses. People connect with people so when it’s your staff telling stories about your brand it’s more authentic, more real and ultimately, more trustworthy.

Network Effect

Why did you create your social media accounts in the first place? To connect with more people and generate more sales. By using content created by your employees you can tap into their friend networks and extended friend networks. If you post a video created by a staff member to the official company Facebook page it will be seen by everyone who follows your page. It is also very likely that the staff member who created it will share the post to their Facebook feed to show off their work which means it can now be seen by everyone in their network. If their friends Like or Comment on the post it then starts to spread across their networks. People connect with people.

Company Culture

When employees feel valued by their company they are happier and more engaged. By encouraging your employees to get involved in the companies content creation they feel like their opinion matters and they become more aware of how other people see the company. They care about what people think. A happier work environment leads to better staff retention.

Increased Revenue

By using EGC you create a whole new stream of content that can be used across multiple platforms without any increase in your marketing budget.


If implemented correctly Employee generated content has the potential to not only improve your marketing strategy and revenue stream, it can also improve the culture within your company.