Our Story

We began our start-up journey with StoryStock in 2017. We built a community of 1200 videographers in 41 countries and some pretty cool software that allowed anyone to hire a videographer to tell their story anywhere in the world.

By the start of 2018, we realised that we couldn’t make StoryStock work at a scale that matched our ambitions. Videographers were expensive and our margin was small. We made the painful decision to pivot the business.

We burnt out our iphones talking to customers about what they wanted and needed but more importantly, what they were willing to pay for. What followed was a journey around the marketers of the world to see how, when and why they use content.

We knew that brands had an increasing need for content, video in particular. A growing number of social media channels as well as traditional media meant brands need more and more pictures and videos to sell their offering to an increasingly visual audience with short attention spans.

Brands were spending thousands on videographers that were drafted in to create videos that just didn’t resonate. Very often the videographer didn’t understand the business or the brand.

TribeStarter came from months of conversations with customers, techies, marketers, content producers. We drank way too much coffee and burnt the candles at both ends for countless nights. We realised that most brands have a Tribe – who were taking videos and pictures around the brand anyway. We just needed the software to collect and manage that content at scale.

At the heart of the idea is the premise that those companies that succeed are the companies who tell their story. Who better to tell a company’s story than the people who know it best – your staff and customers. 

The result of that period of time is TribeStarter. We are excited about what lies ahead. 

We hope to chat to you about becoming a customer….