About TribeStarter

TribeStarter allows you to build a unique library of pictures and videos uploaded by your own community. Your community may be your staff, your members, volunteers or loyal customers but they are the people who know your brand the best.Most businesses now have to feed several social media channels, print advertising, online advertising, brochures and website content.

The challenge is to have unique and engaging content that grows an audience and customer base. For most businesses, the choice is to use the same stock photography that every other business is using or continually pay for professional video and photography. Using TribeStarter, your community all have uploaders on their smartphones which allow them to capture pictures and videos of your business at its best and upload it to a cloud-stored content library that the marketing team manage. From that library, pictures and videos can be published directly to social media, the website, emailed out as press releases, edited extensively, curated, tagged and stored for future use.

Your community know your business best and whether they are staff or customers, getting them involved gives them a role as an ambassador for your brand and keeps them engaged! We send out a weekly league table of the best uploaders every week and you can reward them accordingly, giving them a continued incentive to upload content. As time passes, you grow a library of thousands of pictures and videos that is your own unique bank of promotional material that you can schedule on social media, on your website and use for a variety of promotional purposes. Whether it is for Valentine’s day, Christmas, conferences or advertising a sale, you have the content in your library and the tools to publish it out quickly with a message across your channels.