Your staff are amazing, they must be or you wouldn’t have hired them in the first place! So why do the majority of companies completely ignore their staff when it comes to creating marketing content to promote the business and grow sales? No one knows your brand better than your staff. They are on the frontline of the business everyday dealing with your customers, they know what your customers want, what they like and what they don’t like. Your staff are the authentic voice of your business and your customers trust what they say.

At TribeStarter we know the value in letting your staff tell the story of your brand. But if you’re still not sure take a look at our 5 reasons why you should trust your staff to be your content creators.

1. Knowledge

Like I mentioned above, no one knows your brand better than your staff! Dealing with your customers everyday means that they know how and why your customers are using your brand so they know how to connect with them. They can create photos and videos that they know your customer can relate with. This creates more authentic and real content that your customers can share, comment, tag or like because they believe in it and your brand. This is the type deep knowledge that no outside content agency can ever showcase in their content.

2. Trust

This a win-win for companies who use staff as content creators as you earn the trust of your customers and your staff see the trust you are showing in them. Your customers know that the content you are sharing is authentic because it is coming from real people not some corporate marketing agency using models and actors. They know the content is being created by the people they deal with on a daily basis so they trust what is being said. By trusting your staff to tell your story they feel more appreciated by the company.

3. Engagement

Companies that introduce staff generated content initiatives report increased engagement across many other areas of staff involvement. The more content that your staff are creating for you the more engaged they are with the brand and the more they want to promote it. Publicly sharing content created by your staff and crediting them leads to staff engaging with your brands social media channels outside of work. This engagement grows your reach as they share their work across their own personal social media networks.

4. Authenticity

Consumers are using the internet more than ever to research brands and products before they buy. You need to be sure that you are sharing real and relevant content that connects with people across all channels. Content created by your staff has a level of authenticity that can’t be recreated by outside content agencies. They give you content that shows your brand in it’s real environment with real people. The more authentic the content you share the more connection with the customer

5. Pride

Most people are proud of there job and proud of their workplace but never get the opportunity to share that pride. When you share content that has been created by your staff you are showing pride in that person and their work. They then feel proud of what they have created and want to share that with the world and tell everyone how they have a voice in their company, they matter. Staff who feel proud to work for a company tell other people about why their workplace is so great meaning that more people want to work for that company.

In short, by trusting your staff to be the voice of your company they will give you knowledgeable, trustworthy, engaging and authentic content that you and your staff can be proud of.