Gives you the tools to tell the stories
that shape your brand

What is TribeStarter?

TribeStarter allows you to build and manage a unique library of pictures and videos uploaded by your own tribe. Your tribe may be your staff, your members, volunteers or loyal customers but they are the people who know your brand the best. TribeStarter gives you the tools to tell the stories that have shaped your brand.  

Our plans

We have designed our plans to grow with your business


€99/month ex vat

Content Library

5 Users

10GB of Cloud Storage

Share to Social Media

Schedule Posts

Website Gallery



Content Library

20 Users

100GB of Cloud Storage

Share to Social Media

Schedule Posts

Website Gallery

Discover Search

Competitor Search

Influencer Search

*€250/month(ex VAT) is based on a 12 month contract paid in full up front. Otherwise, the cost of the plan is €299/month (ex VAT) for a rolling month by month subscription.



We know that every business is different so we can tailor our Enterprise Plan to suit your every need. Our Enterprise Plan includes everything in the Professional Plan with the number of users and size of storage customised to suit your business.

How TribeStarter works?

With TribeStarter your community can create new content, edit it and share it across all your marketing channels in just a few very simple steps

Capture it!

Capture the photo or video using the TribeStarter uploader page on your phone

Upload it!

Name and tag your photo or video and click the upload button

Edit it!

Edit your photo and watermark it from within TribeStarter using PicMonkey 

Curate it!

Move your finished photo or video to a suitable folder making it easy to find

Share it!

Use your photo or video across all mediums like Social Media, Emails, Flyers, Press Releases, website

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Some of our Tribe

We have clients across many industries including hotel chains, charities, health clubs and education

Our Team

Meet the tribe behind the TribeStarter story…

Shane O’Connor

CTO & Co-Founder

Francis Fitzgibbon

CEO & Founder

Michael Houghton

Senior Software Developer

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