Content is king…. He bellowed at me down the phone.  We need more video. Video is really hot right now. Make me more videos and can you make them go viral?

It was a conversation I had sat through countless times. A marketing manager with a video budget would ring and tell me why they had decided to create some videos. They wanted short snappy attention-grabbing videos that also included a quote from the CEO, the CFO, the CTO and a little bit about the company and why they exist. 10 minutes of video later and 3 board meetings and you find yourself including more quotes, sales material and a clip of the company HQ shot with a drone – because “everyone is using drones now”

I realised a long time ago that boring companies are like boring people, they insist on talking about themselves all the time. Innovative companies realise that your customer’s time is their greatest asset and they won’t waste their time engaging with sales content that doesn’t have a value for them. Why should they?

As long as there are marketers willing to part with hard earned marketing budgets, there will be videographers willing to waste your money on content that isn’t hitting the people you want it to hit – your customers and potential customers.

Global brands will be spending 300 billion on content by the end of 2019, most of it wasted. In an age of information overload, our attention has become a scarce resource – making it a valuable commodity. Those brands that capture our attention are the ones who will succeed. It doesn’t take massive budgets to get your content strategy right, it takes an understanding of your customer and a willingness to communicate in terms they understand.

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